Aqua Park

Having been involved in offering sports, leisure activity booking and gym membership in Bahrain for more 12 years, Aqua Park Bahrain has transformed. Moving to create a long-term solution for easy and effective fitness, form, and fun time, Aqua Park Bahrain has moved to create a convenient, easily booked and simple to find fitness and leisure centre. If you are looking to get yourself into the best of shape taking on various activities and challenges, we can help you do just that.  The Aqua Park Bahrain currently covers an overall area of approximately 12,700 square meters with swimming pools, indoor and outdoor football pitch and fitness center. 

Whether it’s for high-end swimming pool, soccer pitch or full-time gym membership in Bahrain, we can help you find exactly what you have been searching for!

What Makes Aqua Park in Bahrain So Useful?

We believe that, having worked with the community and the public to gain the facts about what could be improved, we offer a simplistic solution to staying in shape.

Are you are looking to rent out soccer pitches for your team to improve on tactical framework and to get that precision down for match day?

Then we can help you out. Our team deliver progressive soccer pitch booking in Bahrain at affordable and fair prices. Stating at just PRICE, you can finally start training on regulated and professionally managed pitches. Make sure that you have the perfect green to work on that first touch and to find that team chemistry that turns competitors into champions!

Our soccer field rental service provides easy and effective access to indoor or outdoor 6-9 aside soccer pitches. You can rent our pitches for one hour alone, or you can rent them on a longer, weekly or monthly schedule – whatever fits your needs and budget!

We don’t just deal with soccer, though; at Aqua Park Bahrain, we deal with a glut of different sports. For example, we also offer easy to work with and professional swimming pool booking as and when you need it. Our swimming pool rental service allows for easy and online booking of swimming pools, with four pools to pick from that come with tiered facilities for family and friend outings. Our swimming pools come equipped with all the facilities that you need, including a kitchen and conditioning centre as well as various other amenities that can make your swimming experience more enjoyable than ever. Also, we offer catering service for your events and party time. 

Designed to be a simple and easy way to make sure you can go your lengths carried out in safe, secure and properly managed waters, our swimming pool booking service makes getting into shape simple.

A Convenient Location for Self-Improvement

The Aqua Park group understood that for people to be excited about getting into shape, they would need to be able to reach our services and use them. So, we’ve transformed the way that we look, using a convenient and easy location for simple and effective self-improvement. This makes it very easy for you to make use of smart and effective parking with 24/7 online booking also provided.

Now, you can book up quickly and easily to use our services, arrive with ease, and get into the facilities without any time being wasted!

Come to the Aqua Park  in Bahrain; you can transform everything about your body, your competitive mind-set, fun, leisure and training quality.

 We’ll arrange everything that you need to start seeing progressive change and performance for years to come!

Don’t settle for second best; become #1 with Aqua Park!